Good Houdini Resources

Here you can find some resources that helped me learn and still help me understand all of this better.

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  • Entagma - If you want to understand understanding and also a little bit of Houdini, watch everything they make
  • John Kunz- Crazy talented guy. Great streams 5/5
  • Toadstorm - one of the classic people you'll come across when learning. You've maybe even seen Oil And Water before you even started learning Houdini.
  • Matt's (Tokeru) CG Wiki - The one wiki besides the Houdini Doc
  • Houdini Docs - I don't wanna state the obvious, but a lot of people coming from Adobe don't know that programs actually have good documentation. I would print this out to read it offline, but there is no Strg+F for printed books...

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  • Niels Prayer - very useful tutorials if you are inbetween beginner and intermediate

Discord Channels

  • 3d Wizards - Nice community if you want to get your questions answered