Fragments Of A Dream

Fragments_Shot_1 (4).png a project by Leon Monschauer and Pascal Santaella reflecting the feeling with which a dream sometimes leaves us behind. Somehow lost, somehow incomplete - but stunningly beautiful.

It is an audioreactive piece of the fragments series, about getting in touch with these dreams, with old fragments of memories and enjoying them in their blurry nature.

Fragments_Shot_1 (2).png

With its reactiveness to Music and ever changing aesthetics, no viewing will ever be the same.
And believe us, that so much fun for us, too!

Fragments_Shot_1 (3).png

So, enjoy your stay if you see it live, as much as we enjoy it ourselves!

Fragments_Shot_1 (1).png

If you are interested in the project or what we are up to, feel free to visit this website from time to time or follow us on Instagram or TikTok