Pascal Wants To Add

What I need to tell you

  • Interpolation notes in Unreal (fInterp Playground)
  • Fixing the Unreal Engine VR Template
  • Editor Utility Widgets for Batch Renaming and other File Stuff
  • Building Proper UIs (Create Buttons with advanced Hover Animations and reuse them -- tedious stuff but can be great)
  • Some fast Blender Stuff
  • Quick Tips
    • Batch Editing Stuff with the Attribute Spread Sheet
    • Lock Camera Movement
    • Get your Polycount down fast (and dirty - but come on, there are deadlines)

What I have to figure out myself first

  • Fixing weird Foliage flickering in UE 5
  • Proper Pipeline for Exporting UE Sequencer Animations to a DCC - if you ever have the pleasure to have to do it, too -.-
  • MIDI Controller Presets so you don't have to configure the whole MIDI Controller Mapping yourself